The Waterloo Pascal Compiler

Software Description

The Waterloo Pascal compiler is a debugging-oriented, "load-and-go" compiler designed for use in multi-user timesharing environments. It features a complete implementation of ANSI/IEEE 777X3.97-1983 standard Pascal, as well as several extensions to the language.

Design Goals

Since Waterloo Pascal is primarily a "debugging" compiler, it is most applicable in environments where undebugged programs are to be turned into working programs. Such a compiler has a particular set of design objectives:

Waterloo Pascal is equally useful as a teaching tool in classroom situations, or as a "checkout" compiler in industry.


Extensions to Pascal


The Waterloo Pascal Primer and Reference (Boswell, Grove and Mackie; ISBN 0-919884-45-8; WATCOM Publications Ltd., 1984) is the primary reference for the Waterloo Pascal compiler. In addition to being a reference manual, this book may also be used as a self-instruction manual or a course textbook. Each of the chapters in the Primer introduces a new topic in Pascal, and contains many examples and exercises.

Copies of this book may be purchased from WATCOM Publications Ltd. at the address shown below.


The Waterloo Pascal compiler is available in the following environments: